TMarketing takes your concept and brings it to life!

Our product development team works with R&D to perfect the formulation, packaging specialists to determine the optimal packaging combination and finally the production team to bring all aspects together.


To cater to your marketing goals and
requirements, TMarketing creates
State-of-the-art custom formulations. All formulations we provide are of the highest quality standards, and undergo stability testing, actives testing, and preservative efficiency testing to ensure that their performance is unmatchable.


Our in-house chemist is one of the nation’s premier synthetic and natural product formulation chemists with over 20 years of experience in research and development for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

We believe in using the best ingredients for the best products on the market.”


From simple concepts to elegant, natural formulations for high end products, using liposomal technology for active delivery, our product development team is capable of designing your formula.


The true icing on the cake! Our formulas are topped off with a trip to our fragrance master where the art of fragrance comes to life for our clients and the consumer. This is one of the most important skills and forms of artistry in product development and we have the leader in the industry at your service.


From simple concepts to powerfully simple all natural formulations, our product development team is capable of designing the product you are looking for.


Clients who want the purist, most natural, not one toxic chemical or preservative in the mix come to us for our commitment to their vision, and we are always up to the challenge.


Our manufacturing abilities range from creams, liquids and gels to tablets, capsules and soft gels. Our packaging abilities range from sample vials and packets to 55-gallon drums and tote tanks. All of it under the direct supervision of highly experienced and trained personnel.

We can formulate to meet the demands of the harshest clientele in the fanciest of boutique or department stores…we can formulate to your exact budget.

TMarketing routinely develops new product lines, improves upon existing ones and reverse engineers national brand equivalents.”
  • We can provide all the testing (clinical,dermatological, stability and microbiological).
  • We can design and develop a package that is effective, stable and cost-effective.
  • We can design a look that makes your vision a successful reality.

TMarketing has made extensive capital investments specifically allocated in support of Research and Development. Not only do we stay up to date and well versed in the latest science and technological advances…and not only do we stay up to date and well versed in the latest industry trends…but we help to shape those industry trends. We have the track record to prove it. And that’s how we help transform your vision into a successful reality.

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